Our first rehearsal came and went in a flash of an eye! For our first rehearsal we met at Feverhead, located in Columbus, OH.  We began with an improvised group warm up, facilitated by myself, and then we began to explore guided exercises.

I asked the group to pay attention to what interests them as they improvised in the space. These interests then served as points of movement initiation and as generating tools for our movement. Interests for us ranged from a multitude of origins depending on the dancer. They included, but weren’t limited too, sensation, weight, anatomical structure, explorations with in the space itself, and visualized items in the dance space. These interests were used to help us take note of what we were doing with in the improvisation at any given moment. They served as anchors, and allowed us to comprehend and recall what it was we just danced.

Half way through the rehearsal I asked the group to replace the word, “interest” with the the word, “attention“. We discovered two types of attention: visual attention and body attention. It was discerned that visual attention had a more outward focus which resulted in smaller overall body movements.  Body attention on the other hand had a more inward, or visceral, awareness and focus, which also resulted in a more overall connection with the group.

Below is a video of an improvisational score that was a result of the body attention exercise. The dancers were asked to improvise together as a group using different “body attention” cues directed by myself off screen. The cues included: gooshy torso, bent knees, supportive shoulders, mobile pelvis, thick arms. The song you here is by The Avett Brothers and is called “The Ballad of Love and Hate”.


Our next rehearsal is October 28. We will continue where we left off, and will research explorations of space, focus, and taking/supporting the attention with in a group of improvisational dancers.