Back in April of this year (2017) Kelly Hurlburt and I were lucky enough to be invited by Holly Jaycox, and the Division of Dance at Purdue University, for a week long dance residency. While in residence Kelly and I had the pleasure to teach improvisational dance classes and to make work with the students.

These students were not dance majors. The great majority of them were studying to become engineers,  scientists, and doctors. Many had never taken an improvisational dance class prior to Kelly and my visit to their campus. Kelly and I were astounded by their openness, their passion and their willingness to learn and explore contemporary dance movement. Please enjoy dress rehearsal footage of Enough Room for Two (an improvisational duet by Kelly and I), and Yeah. Oh My Gosh- Yesterday, Hug Me!, a group improvisational score created by Kelly and I in collaboration with dancers.