The “Sea↔Bus” project is to create a “cross-continental” dance improvisation collaboration between the two great cities of Seattle, WA and Columbus, OH.

During my recent visit to Earth Dance I had the pleasure of meeting two dancers from Seattle by the names of Kori Martodam and Jonathon Lilly. The three of us were attending Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser’s DIPI workshop, which focused on dance improvisation and performance. I immediately felt a connection to Kori and Jonathon…they are intelligent, funny, down-to-earth people. Even more than that they are curious about movement, and are passionate in what it means to perform as dance improvisers. It only made sense for myself, to say yes to Kori and Jonathon,  when they asked to collaborate on a project at the end of our time at Earth Dance.

A few of the goals:

  • Kori, Jonathon, and myself, in our respective cities, will audition dancers in order to create two  dance ensembles. One Seattle dance ensemble and one Columbus dance ensemble.
  • We will begin to rehearse and train with our ensembles focusing on what we learned at DIPI, as well as our personal improvisational interests.
  • Over the weeks and months Kori, Jonathon, and myself will have regular Skype sessions in order to discuss what our respective ensembles are exploring and researching in terms of movement. This will allow our separate ensembles to have a commonality and a translatable library of movement exercises  and performance scores.
  • We will have future performances in both Seattle and Columbus. Our first projected performance will be May of 2017 at Velocity Dance Center. Details on the performance are to be determined…

Keep your eyes and ears open! you don’t want to miss this! : )