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At the Feet of Atlas

Kori recently performed this solo in October at On The Boards Open Studio performance. This is a dance piece created in preparation for a performance for this coming January called Nomads, directed by Kori and Jonathan Lilly. This solo is entertaining and well executed. It is simultaneously complex and simple in a thought provoking, beautiful, and endearing way. Its a wonderful comment on life itself and leaves you with a grin from ear to ear…

More to come soon!!!

SEA↔BUS: Indigo

Please take a look at these videos, created by the talented Kori Martodam and Jonathon Lilly, they will further explain Sea↔Bus, as well as our first performance which will take place in Seattle, WA: Indigo  

SEA|BUS Origins 1080 from Jonathan Lilly on Vimeo.

SEA|BUS Indigo 1080 from Jonathan Lilly on Vimeo.

Indigo is an improvised dance performance for ten dancers and one musician, set against a backdrop of panoramic ink painting.  The color indigo infuses both the graceful formality of Japanese kimono, as well as the durability and simplicity of a well-worn pair of jeans.   As the musician plays a range of instruments, from the modern (hang) to the ancient (didgeridoo), the dancers will take the audience along through an arc of movement scores.  Indigo is a search for the thread that interconnects the sublime and the pedestrian; for the color that imbues both dye and sky. The work will unite dancers from two different dance ensembles—one from Seattle and one from Columbus, Ohio—who share a common language of practiced scores, yet ‘speak’ individual physical dialects. The dancers compose in real time, responding to one another and to the environmental the context of set, sound, and scores.  In witnessing an improvised performance, the audience can feel themselves drawn into the world of the dancers’ spontaneous creation and creative problem solving. The goal of Indigo is to immerse the audience in an experience of beauty, mystery, and inspiration—opening, from everyday life, a window to the extraordinary.  

Getting to know Jonathon Lilly…

Jonathon is the other Seattle based collaborator I am working with on the Project Sea↔Bus…

Jonathan Lilly is a martial artist-turned-dancer based in Seattle.  After more than twenty years training in aikido, he was introduced to improvisational dance,  and was hooked.    In the past three years he has attended perhaps three months’ worth of jams, courses, and intensives in improvisational dance and contact improvisation.jonathon-dance-pic  He sees training in improvisational dance as a way to hone one’s ability to respond physically and emotionally in any situation.  Jonathan is particularly interested in integrating athleticism and expressiveness into his movement.  He is currently at work on his first production, called Nomads, together with Kori Martodam, to be performed in early January 2017.

Sea↔Bus: Cross-Continental Dance Improvisation Collaboration

Introducing the new logo for my latest project. Jonathon Lilly, Kori Martodam, myself, along with Kelly Hurlburt ( my beautiful girlfriend ) created the simple design.


Sea representing the Seattle ensemble of dancers, and Bus representing the Columbus ensemble of dancers with a simple arrow between, representing both the collaborative nature of the project, as well as the physical space we will trek in order to dance as a group. This evening length dance piece will be presented this  May of 2017 at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle, WA.

New Project!

I am very excited to announce I will be holding “get togethers”, or Auditions at Feverhead (Columbus,OH) for a new project I am working on with Kori Martodam and Jonathan Lilly. Kori and Jonathan are Seattle based dancers, and improvisers, I met while at DIPI this past August. Our hopes are to create a “cross-continental improvisation collaborative” based on what we have learned from our experiences at DIPI, but also based on our own artistic interests as well… We will each employ, and train with our respective dance ensembles in various improvisational dance techniques, and exercises, ultimately leading to performance opportunities in our respective cities of Columbus, Oh and Seattle, WA.

I say “get togethers” because I do not like to think of these meetings as Auditions. The word audition has too much rigid formality and emotional baggage linked to it’s context. I would much rather have everyone come ready to move, discuss, converse and ready to have an enjoyable experience with out that pesky audition word looming in the atmosphere…. Meeting dates below:

  • September 12, 3-6pm
  • Sept. 15, 6-9pm
  • Sept. 18, 5-8pm
  • Sept. 24, 6-9pm
  • Sept. 25, 5-8pm
  • Please email me if interested in the project and select a date that will work for you to get together at Feverhead. Be ready to improvise, discuss the project,  and have fun. Also bring your schedules (work, school, etc.).

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