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Tomorrow morning at 7 AM the Columbus ensemble of dancers will be flying to Seattle to join the Seattle ensemble in our ten day rehearsal and performance project titled: Indigo. This cross country collaboration has been a long time coming and we are all eagerly waiting to see what transpires over the next two weeks….

For performance information and other details please click on this this link.

Stay tuned for pictures and video documentation of our time in Seattle. : )

Also be aware that the Seattle Ensemble, in addition to dancers from Minneapolis and NYC, will be joining the Columbus ensemble of Sea↔Bus for another ten day rehearsal and performance project titled: Loom. Loom will take place October 19-29, 2017 with a touring performance structure that visits three different venues with in the city of Columbus.



Sea↔Bus dance company has been expanding:

  1. We now have a Facebook page, including an event page for our upcoming dance performance, Indigo, at the Velocity Dance Center in Seattle, Washington.

If you want to skip the event link and go straight to ticket sales, and I hope you do 😉 , they are located here

2. We also have an email account:  Feel free to email us at any time with questions and thoughts.

3. Have you checked out our Instagram?  @sea_busdancecompany






playher, “Ten Tiny Dances” Show

Don’t miss this show at Movement Activities located at 400 W Rich St. Columbus, OH! I am excited to present brand new work, in collaboration with Sea↔Bus dancers, this weekend: March 17 @ 8pm and March 18 @ 2pm & 8pm.  We are one of ten tiny dances on a 4×4 foot stage. Come see dance on the small stage!!!

Great News!!!!!

I want to thank the Greater Columbus Arts Council for awarding  Performing Artists Traveling Grants to Kelly Hurlburt, Megan Davis, and Eve Hermann. These grants will secure travel for SEA↔BUS, Columbus Ensemble, to travel to Seattle this coming June 8-19 to perform at Velocity Dance Center. This will be our debut performance of Indigo.  We are so fortunate to have a Columbus community that supports us!

The above photo from Left to Right: Hana Newfeld, Kelly Hurlburt, Eve Hermann, Megan Davis

Getting to know Kori Martodam some more…

I asked Kori to share more about herself so everyone can get a better sense of who she is and what she does and what she wants to do with her life. I am looking forward to our work together on Sea↔Bus…

When asked to talk about herself a bit…

I’m balancing a life of practicing anesthesia as a Nurse Anesthetist (40 hrs/week) and continuing to study contemporary dance and improvisation techniques at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle, WA. In 2014 I founded SIMLab, an ongoing workshop for the study of dance improvisation. I’m also a candidate in the Eight Limbs Yoga Teacher training 2016-2017, and will complete that training this April. I’ve been dancing since I was 19 and studied post-modern technique and improvisation at Denison University in Granville, Ohio where I graduated with a BFA in Theatre Performance and a minor in Contemporary Dance. I continue to study and make dance because it’s the art form that I’ve found puts us most directly into contact with challenges and victories of trusting and collaborating with one another in an unknown environment. Improvisation in particular is a lived process of creating meaningful work and in real-time, addressing the compositional and artistic challenges inherent therein. I’ve invested nearly a decade in nursing and anesthesia training so that I can support myself in continuing to pursue dance and hold a stable position as a leader in the dance improvisation community. I built a safe place for dance in my life because I value the way it effects me—the way it makes me a more insightful, kind, patient, humble, generous, and brave person—and I want to cultivate these attributes as part of an ongoing practice.

When asked to talk about her dance work…

I want people to see me dance and to see the people with whom I dance and to be less afraid of whatever it is in their experience keeps them from reaching out for what they wish to have/be/do/see/think/feel/know. We are surprising creatures, even to ourselves, if we can find ways out of our rote, unexamined behaviors and experience a kind of estrangement to our world and ourselves. We are perpetually in contact with information that presents the world in a certain way, and informs our senses of what to do with our time and energy (shop, rock out, be awesome, be entertained, eat, drink, work, etc). What if we could tune more directly into ourselves? What would our ambitions and habits looks like then? How would we spend our time? For a few hours a week during rehearsals and for a fleeting hour here and there in performance, I’m trying to create a alternative to “standard” reality; an alternative wherein we can answer the questions of what really matters and what really moves us. I think the effort in doing this is important because improvisation involves a kind of truth that we don’t get to tell each other everyday, or see everyday, but that gives us a sense of purpose and provides hope.

Kori and I are working on a new Project together, it’s called, “Sea↔Bus”. More to come soon…If you are interested in more of what Kori has done take a look at her

CV kori-cv

Sea↔Bus: Cross-Continental Dance Improvisation Collaboration

Introducing the new logo for my latest project. Jonathon Lilly, Kori Martodam, myself, along with Kelly Hurlburt ( my beautiful girlfriend ) created the simple design.


Sea representing the Seattle ensemble of dancers, and Bus representing the Columbus ensemble of dancers with a simple arrow between, representing both the collaborative nature of the project, as well as the physical space we will trek in order to dance as a group. This evening length dance piece will be presented this  May of 2017 at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle, WA.

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