October 2017

I have the great pleasure of Co-Teaching and participating at GLACIER.

May 14-May 21 2017

I will travel, yet again to Earth Dance, this time with members of Sea↔Bus to take the “Begins” workshop.

May 4-7

“Express Train to States of Grace”, a four day workshop hosted by Chicago Moving Company featuring Nancy Stark Smith.

January 8-27, 2017

I will travel back to Earth Dance to work with Nancy Stark Smith a true master of Contact Improvisation

October 7-12 2016

I have the great pleasure to travel to The Christine Center, located in Willard, WI, for a week long CI retreat full of beautiful dancing and incredible dancers from all walks of life. I will have the great pleasure of studying with Stephanie Nugent and many other respected CI practitioners. For more information you can read about GLACIER here.